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Here I am. Sitting at my desk. Anxious. Waiting. Again. After last week’s tense, stressful wait for the prof’s immigration status to be legalised when his first visa reached its end date. (Normally done without too much hassle by contacting … Continue reading

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Words for sale

No easy way to do this, sorry. I hate selling. But it’s ready now. The new website via which you can buy my re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, The Little Match Girl. Sparingly re-titled as, A Little Match Girl, … Continue reading

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Catching no worms

I’m not an early bird, I said, as I bid a fond farewell to three women, strangers to me before last Friday. They were planning an early walk, today, before leaving the place we’re all staying. It wasn’t just the … Continue reading

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Butterfly kisses

As afternoon mellowed to evening, a skittish east wind began to play. And with it, the unmistakable smell of smoke made its now-nightly debut. It seems some people get a kick from lighting fires on our tinder-dry moorlands and natural … Continue reading

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The poet-tramp-novelist and the dragonfly

Originally posted on MEMOIRS OF A HUSK:
No time to stand and stare. You know the quote, don’t you? Or do you? ‘What is this life if, full of care/ we have not time to stand and stare?’ [A classic…

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The other side of beauty?

The grass could do with a trim. But there’s something stopping me taking out the push mower. I simply can’t do it. It’s not because I’m tired after a long weekend spent in the company of friends I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Student satisfaction – what does it take? And is it edible – sorry – ethical?

Student fees in England are high. And as someone who received a grant to study from a local authority – as almost all students did, back in the good ol’ days – I feel sorry for the youngsters who have … Continue reading

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