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No roses. But, ‘I’m ok and everything is going smoothly’

I just looked in the mirror.  A mistake. I’ve not been up long – given it’s lunchtime. I slept really late. Later than at any time in the last 35 years or so, I reckon. And now I look as … Continue reading

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The fall of the Fort of Ussher?

We’re in a taxi heading back into Accra from the University at Legon, our first and only attempt at sightseeing on this very short visit. As we near the coast, the throat-searing fumes spewed from elderly vehicles stuck in stagnant … Continue reading

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Pirates, pirogues and the pain of the past

Don’t worry, we’re on the wrong side of the continent for Somali hijackers, but I can just imagine the pirates out there, lurking behind this celestial net curtain of hazy sea and sky. There’s a mini-flotilla of fishing boats, pirogues, … Continue reading

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A ‘Sandinista’ too far

The sea-glass sky is shimmering – or is it the sea? No telling the difference – well except for the waves. ‘I’ve called someone in to help,’ says Sarkozy-man when asked how his knife-edge of a deal is going, ‘a … Continue reading

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Frank woz here

That was a bit irreverent, sorry.  Francis was here.  Sir Francis Drake. He of the Armada, bowls and round the world sailing. ‘Here’ is Accra, Ghana.  For weeks I’ve avoided thinking about this trip.  I did next-to-no preparation, other than … Continue reading

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