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‘She’s leaving home…’

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Archaeoman away for some weeks and the muse’s voice inaudible. The frenzy wasn’t quite as bad as usual in the run-up to his departure, more of a prolonged shower than an … Continue reading

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Help! Nuclear meltdown! We’re all going to die!

Two rows of women sit either side of a small conveyor belt. I say women, but I don’t think of myself as ‘woman’ yet. I’m eighteen and a half. On each desk is a grey telephone console with a row … Continue reading

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Splutter!!! You belonged to WHAT club?

Do you remember learning to swim? I do. The swimming baths were in Thornton (where the Brontes were born), on the outskirts of Bradford, in Yorkshire. Victorian, smallish, they’re probably knocked down now, or derelict. Little, swing-door changing rooms ran … Continue reading

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From tainted tongue and temporary aunt to blood and custard creams

It was a biscuit that did it. Reminded me, of my ‘gap’ year, Yorkshire style. Anachronistic to call it a ‘gap’ year, really, the term hadn’t yet been coined. Most folks going to university went straight there – unless they … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in England

I don’t know how to put this – I’ll just have to blurt it out. I have an instinctive reaction to certain people. A reaction that is nothing to do with my head, everything to do with the environment in … Continue reading

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A new BBC radio programme, please, to cheer up the world

I’m sitting in a classroom, in a temporary building on a patch of waste ground. The ‘hut’, as we call it, looks as if it’s been dropped here by a tornado, like Dorothy’s farm in the Wizard of Oz. We’re … Continue reading

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