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One Sunday morning my husband decided he wanted, ‘to see what Advent’s like’. I am – was – a resting Catholic so we took ourselves off to Ss Peter & Paul for 11.30 Mass. He’s decided to do it for the full year. He’s never been baptised, never been to a religious school. It’s all new to him. This is how I am seeing it!

A shrine, a power station and three (female) astrophysicists

I’m doing a little trip, on my own. Archaeo-man’s off to Africa, archaeo-ing. Me – I’m making a pilgrimage. It begins well. A leisurely start – mug of tea, dipping a biscuit. Gazing out of the window at the birds … Continue reading

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Blowing in to an old new world

A Strauss waltz dances from the breakfast radio. Outside, the headless firs wave their arms like frenzied violinists in some arboreal orchestra. The tall birches, double basses of the tree world, waver and shiver, constrained by their stature – and … Continue reading

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Taboo? (I’m talking about Jesus)

Do you cringe when someone mentions Jesus in polite conversation? I’ll admit it – I do. Not because I want to, or choose to, but because – well – I don’t really know. It’s an unconscious reaction. I’ve never been … Continue reading

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