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Fear and loathing in England

I don’t know how to put this – I’ll just have to blurt it out. I have an instinctive reaction to certain people. A reaction that is nothing to do with my head, everything to do with the environment in … Continue reading

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Taboo? (I’m talking about Jesus)

Do you cringe when someone mentions Jesus in polite conversation? I’ll admit it – I do. Not because I want to, or choose to, but because – well – I don’t really know. It’s an unconscious reaction. I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Rain, leaks and onions

The old Land Rover has old headlights. They’re not much use when you’re lost on a  floodplain in the dark.  Then you need floodlights, ha ha. I don’t know why I said that. I’m far too scared to find it … Continue reading

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Suzy’s cabin, a missed appointment & a little yellow pill

‘I’ve got a cabin on the game reserve – you can borrow it if you like.’ That’s Suzy speaking. She’s in Swaziland with the US Peace Corps and has the most amazing hair – long, naturally blonde, it falls nearly … Continue reading

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