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Where is Potto? And why am I bothered?

Is it a peculiarly British thing? There’s trainspotting, which I could understand when there were gleaming Thomas-style tank engines huffing and puffing and spitting out sparks. It’s harder to see the fascination in a dirty diesel with a serial number. … Continue reading

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‘To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive’.* Really?

June. Winter in the southern hemisphere. The year 2011. A man walks into the bar – yes I know, I use it too often. But there’s a reason. Besides the fact we’re often in the bar, before you say it. … Continue reading

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A spot of welding, a leopard and a mission

He’s looking worried. It was meant to be an overnight stop – but there’s no way we’ll fit everything in and reach Kalambo in time to pitch camp by daylight. We have to stay another night, but not at Thorn … Continue reading

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