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A graveyard’s cure

Our local cemetery is about a third of the way between our house and the nearest shops. It’s a beautiful place. Serene. Full of love and grief, of stories barely told. Today, of necessity walking to the shops, thanks to … Continue reading

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Olde England, carrying on

It wasn’t a dawn chorus, it was a cacophony. And it went on, and on, and on. The lambs joined in. Then the donkey. Then we heard the clippety-clop. Clutching my camera, I leaned through the tiny window, in the … Continue reading

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A rather trifling matter

Custard has reared its head again. I’d planned to write about the colour yellow. While glorious spring was rampant and the British newly friendly on the street. Daring to go out without umbrellas. And smiling at total strangers. But that … Continue reading

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More things in heaven and earth

Last Saturday, early in the afternoon, I stood before a cottage window, gazing across a wide valley. Filtered through mist, great hills rose and fell, like whales caught in freeze frame, arcing from a hazy sea. Below the window, mere … Continue reading

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When I grow up

‘Fashion designers have those,’ says the little girl, looking up at me as I tromp down the stairs. She’s standing beside the mannequin I bought in a local dress shop’s closing-down sale. ‘I’d like to be a fashion designer when … Continue reading

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