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There are so many ways of leaving, of ending things, aren’t there? Paul Simon sang of fifty. Which reminds me of ‘Still Crazy After All These Years.’ Which reminds me of a sad end to a strange relationship. But that’s … Continue reading

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Tangled up. Sometimes in blue

‘You’re keeping busy’, someone said to me to me this week, as if I were a retired person going on serial coach trips. Not that there’s anything wrong with coach trips. Especially if they involve drinking illicit alcohol on the … Continue reading

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Sweet, or soft?

Updated again (more haste less speed)… I’m posting a couple of pictures today, as a vehicle for telling you I’m going to hibernate from blogging  – and reading other bloggers’ words – for the next two weeks or so. I … Continue reading

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Did you miss me?

I expect not. Though now you’ve had this reminder perhaps it’s occurred to you that it’s been a while since I posted. Don’t fetch your cuppa, though. This is merely a stopgap. Not a fully fledged rant, nor a eulogy, … Continue reading

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The Lady in the Van meets a surfeit of anoraks

There’s something disturbing about modern cinemas, y’know. Have you tried shedding a surreptitious tear in one? It’s light enough to see, that’s the problem. Yes, you can find your seat without crippling half the audience – or yourself – in … Continue reading

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Full in the panting: on dealing with disappointment and dodging the black dog

We’re still conducting the grand experiment, Atheist-man and I. A year of living religiously – well, in the sense of religiously going to church each Sunday, anyway. It’s making a big impression on both of us. We relish the time … Continue reading

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