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Tangled up. Sometimes in blue

‘You’re keeping busy’, someone said to me to me this week, as if I were a retired person going on serial coach trips. Not that there’s anything wrong with coach trips. Especially if they involve drinking illicit alcohol on the … Continue reading

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Sweet, or soft?

Updated again (more haste less speed)… I’m posting a couple of pictures today, as a vehicle for telling you I’m going to hibernate from blogging  – and reading other bloggers’ words – for the next two weeks or so. I … Continue reading

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Did you miss me?

I expect not. Though now you’ve had this reminder perhaps it’s occurred to you that it’s been a while since I posted. Don’t fetch your cuppa, though. This is merely a stopgap. Not a fully fledged rant, nor a eulogy, … Continue reading

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The Lady in the Van meets a surfeit of anoraks

There’s something disturbing about modern cinemas, y’know. Have you tried shedding a surreptitious tear in one? It’s light enough to see, that’s the problem. Yes, you can find your seat without crippling half the audience – or yourself – in … Continue reading

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Full in the panting: on dealing with disappointment and dodging the black dog

We’re still conducting the grand experiment, Atheist-man and I. A year of living religiously – well, in the sense of religiously going to church each Sunday, anyway. It’s making a big impression on both of us. We relish the time … Continue reading

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