Did you miss me?

I expect not. Though now you’ve had this reminder perhaps it’s occurred to you that it’s been a while since I posted.

Don’t fetch your cuppa, though. This is merely a stopgap. Not a fully fledged rant, nor a eulogy, nor reminiscence.

I just wanted to confirm that I’m still around. (I worry about bloggers who vanish – sometimes the reason’s not welcome.)

So, here I am. Still writing, just not writing blog posts. Because I’ve started a new writing project. And it’s diverted me from everything else.

It’s a sort of voyage of discovery.

Revealing a bizarre, interconnected world. One that’s been there all along, I just haven’t noticed.

Like one of those colouring books we had as children – you dip your brush in your jam jar of water, paint the empty page and – ooh!

One minute there’s nothing, next there’s a picture. Magic.

Although I’ve been out and about (a post with pictures soon, perhaps) I’m restricting myself, this time, to my own small patch of territory.

Looking in. And up. And around. And liking it.

Because so much of what’s going on out there, in our crazy, war-torn, unpredictable world, is way beyond my comprehension.Β  And I won’t let it drive me to despair.

No doubt it will impinge, though, the messy human world – and the rants and the eulogies will resume.

Of course, if the other project fizzles out too soon, then you might just find that here.

In instalments.

It’s not just the world that can be unpredictable.



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24 Responses to Did you miss me?

  1. hmunro says:

    It’s good to hear from you and to know you’re alright. Best wishes on your continued voyage of discovery!


    • Thank you, I’m so glad you responded. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just throwing words in the air and they aren’t landing anywhere. Best wishes to you too, M.

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      • hmunro says:

        Please don’t let the silence discourage you. Although work and family obligations have rendered me a less-than-loyal reader (my apologies for that), I do always enjoy your posts. You’re a wonderful writer β€” and a wonderful observer of the world as well.


        • You have no idea how much it meant to me, today, to read that. It’s been a long lonely summer (mostly by choice, I should say) and inner confidence is a very fickle beast. Without encouraging voices it’s easy to … well, you get the idea. And please, don’t apologise, the world is so busy and life so distracting that I’m just pleased you do occasionally read and enjoy and comment when you can. Thank you, emphatically, thank you!

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          • hmunro says:

            Awww … and thank YOU for making my day with *your* sweet words. Inner confidence is a very fickle beast indeed β€” one I will never fully domesticate, I fear. But in those times when self-doubt looms large, I try to remember the words of Susan Isaac: “Keep in mind that the person you write for is yourself. Tell the story that you most desperately want to read.” Even if The People of the Internet don’t have the good sense to read, admire, and praise your writing, you are creating a WONDERFUL body of work on your blog, and it’s clear that you love everything you write about. So please don’t give up! I really would miss your voice.

            And if you ever want a blog-buddy pen-pal, please drop me a note at hmunro [dot] wordpress {at} gmail [dot] com. Sometimes it may take me a day or two to reply, but I’m always glad to offer an encouraging word.


  2. Liz ferguson says:

    Certainly missed you ,hope you don’t let that real horrid world impinge, enjoy your own life it’s better without other people’s sorrows being taken on .However I can’t believe you’ll hide for long !


  3. John Kemp says:

    Been away, back now. You’re tantalising us.


    • Not intentionally tantalising! I almost wish I hadn’t said anything, afraid it will jinx it… May email you with more detail. Hope your trip back to the old world was good – and thank you for commenting, I appreciate everyone’s responses to this post very, very much.


  4. mud4fun says:

    Crazy, war torn world?

    We’ve had a fantastic summer, spent many evenings in the garden sipping a glass of wine while watching the children playing in paddling pools and having water fights enjoying glorious warm weather; we’ve enjoyed watching dozens of young birds develop, that fledged from our hedge, coal bunker and wildflower garden; we’ve enjoyed going on adventures and picnics in the Land Rovers along wonderfully quiet country lanes through the Lincolnshire wolds; we’ve been on boat trips and watched amazing Red Arrow displays; we’ve spent hours with the children building Airfix model kits and playing games.

    Turn the media off M and life becomes a whole lot more enjoyable!!! πŸ™‚


    • Glad you had a great summer with the family. Sounds great – unfortunately my husband was in Zambia for the whole of August and I set the time aside for writing – which was just as well because it’s a terrible time for meeting up with friends – they’re all otherwise engaged doing such things as you describe. Or perhaps just avoiding me 😦
      I have seen the Red Arrows though, again (they pass by us every year for our local big spectacular air show) and I have lolled around watching junk tv, reading books in dribs and drabs, finding odd connections with the universe in my mind and writing what I want to write! In fact, having no commitments, no shopping or cooking or cleaning to do (great to be free to be a total slob) was liberating – too liberating. It’s even worse now I have to be considerate again! But you are so right about media – and what can I do about anything? Not much, it seems. So, off Twitter, less Facebook, politics out the window… Now, where was I?

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  5. Sue Ranscht says:

    Nice to know you’re not gone for good. Carry on, and share when you will. We’ll be here. ❀


  6. EllaDee says:

    Have been thinking of you, hoping you’re enjoying the Autumn and busy. So it’s wonderful tohere you’ve been writing, out & about oand a new project.
    We’re still on the road, for a few more weeks, heading towards home but lingering.


    • I feel bad I haven’t been on Instagram enough – last time I looked you were seeing the most beautiful sights. As Mud4fun would understand, I’ve been relishing the relative freedom from social media I’ve accidentally been enjoying. I will catch up, but do also look forward (selfishly) to you being back πŸ˜‰
      Lingering – what a lovely word that is, like fingers trailing in water over the side of a rowing boat on the river (being rowed by someone else of course). Maybe not safe in Australia though!
      Thanks, as ever, for replying, D.

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  7. Steph says:

    What did I tell you about feeling lonely? RING ME, if I’m free I’ll be right over. Work, of course, is the main thing that keeps me away from lovely corners like yours and tends to stifle my real creativity – although I’ve never had a blog I can look back to many diaries and articles that speak somehow of greater articulacy and more care over words. So I might not write much at any one time, but be reassured, this is my bank where the wild thyme blows, a haven I visit repeatedly and my eye in the storm that is currently my life, Great to know it’s an eye that sees beauty and revels in it, sees injustices and condemns them. Good luck with the new project!


    • Steph, thank you so much for these heartwarming (truly) words. I am immensely touched that you read my outpourings – it always surprises me you choose to spend any of your scarce free time on them! I am also always impressed by your facility for language (I suppose not surporising given what you do!) and your knowledge of poetry in particular – and love your thoughtful responses. I hope that things at work at the very least don’t become any more trying – and let’s get together anyway when you are feeling as if the storm has abated, even if only temporarily. It was great to see you at the concert. x


  8. charliebritten says:

    I bet you didn’t miss me either. My blog posts also have been a bit far apart!


  9. Appreciate the update. I hate it when people just disappear with no bread crumbs left behind. Busy with projects is completley understood – especially with all the fall weather sneaking in


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