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Three winters’ tales, of darkness and light

Part 3: And now, a time for dancing Three Winter Tales of Darkness and Light will be available in a booklet illustrated by the wonderful Siân Bailey from Cosi & Veyn in autumn 2020:  http://www.cosiandveyn.co.uk  

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A Tale of Old Mistress Winter

MANY thanks to those of you who read and made such kind comments on my 3-part 2016 Christmas story, A Tale of Old Mistress Winter. I do indeed, as some of you suggested, hope to publish it ‘properly’ in some … Continue reading

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Small town, big lives

Snow has etched white lines into the wet, dark furrows in the fields. Spring is shivering underground, hiding under bark, cowering inside buds, slowed almost to a halt by the bitter winds from the east and the fallen, frozen flakes. … Continue reading

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Meet Gerry Carroll – son, brother, friend, sometime sleuth (and Catholic priest)

It felt like bleak midwinter, the earth standing hard as iron, even if no frosty wind made moan. For Gerry, it couldn’t have been a bleaker day.  Was it midwinter? He didn’t really care if it was or it wasn’t. … Continue reading

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A bakery’s not just for Christmas

There’s a hush fallen over the world. Snow lies deep on the ground and barely a  car creeps by. The sky’s an odd shade of grey and the clouds hang low in the sky. It’s as if a great duvet’s … Continue reading

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