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Windows in the rain

Clickety-click clickety-click clickety-click. A six-carriage train, like a long yellow caterpillar, glides through the distant gorse, appears briefly, then disappears into the trees. We’re sitting on top of a big dune here, hence the stands of golden gorse and pine … Continue reading

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In which bravery is rewarded with a carrot, but not a pear

It rained in the night. What is it about us? This is August, the southern hemisphere’s winter, the dry season. It seems wherever we venture in the Northern Province we act as rain-bringers. Last time it was at a rock … Continue reading

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A necklace, a paperclip, some rather unwelcome fireworks

Breakfast. Our last cup of tea made with well water. It tastes as if chrysanthemums have died in it. But it’s not as bad as that fly. The men looked after us well and seem sad we’re leaving early. But … Continue reading

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