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Through a glass, brightly

I did think about calling this post Chicken Oblivious. But you know how it is. The cyclist would have been offended. If he’d known. I’d spent the afternoon engrossed in watching a kind of ballet. Two people, dancing a pas … Continue reading

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‘How f—ing useful is that exactly?’ (part of quote from graffiti artist Banksy)

Banksy wasn’t coy, he used the whole f-word, but I won’t: ‘The key to good graffiti is economy. A simple splash of paint in the right place at the right time is all it takes. An old lady with a … Continue reading

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Is this a rabbit hole?

Tired people sit in over-sized winged armchairs, faces blank, all vitality sapped as they wait in this state of limbo. Some stare at the silhouette of a fireplace, a clock, a picture. But all these images are unreal. Like a … Continue reading

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