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Three Winters’ Tales, of Darkness and Light

Part 2 A middling time, of fire and frost The thudding of hoofs echoes through woodland glades. A horn blows, a shout goes up. A deer falls and the huntsmen rejoice with cheers and laughter. The forest that once, in … Continue reading

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The beholding I

Don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to make a fuss about it. But I think I’ve acquired a supernatural power. I know. Unlikely. But I’ve suspected it for some time and on Sunday I decided I was right. You see, … Continue reading

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Secrets, dragons and mills

How do you feel about secrets? I’m ambivalent. I love the idea of secret gardens. Valleys unlocked by a spell. Mountains where dragons lie hidden. Places where magic happens. Where the sun beams down on gentle hills from a forget-me-not sky. … Continue reading

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