Three Winters’ Tales, of Darkness and Light

Part 2 A middling time, of fire and frost

Three Winter Tales of Darkness and Light will be available in a booklet illustrated by the wonderful Siân Bailey from Cosi & Veyn in autumn 2020:

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12 Responses to Three Winters’ Tales, of Darkness and Light

  1. Ardys says:

    Lovely, lingering images you paint with words…looking forward to the next instalment…

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  2. Thel says:

    I’m just back from a quick anniversary trip. What a wonderful story of hope. Thank you for this Christmas gift. And one more gift to come!

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  3. Judy Barnes says:

    Beautiful, Mary. I love your use of language and the very natural flow of your writing in these two tales. This is definitely your niche I think, to be in the depths of nature, weaving your tales! I don’t mean to make you sound like a witch by the way!
    Oh, and Happy Christmas!

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    • But I’d be happy to be a witch! Well, the good kind. It was what I said at one stage in my childhood when people asked me what I wanted to be. But to be fair, I think I was just imagining flying around on broomsticks not ugly warts and bad magic. Thank you for reading these two, glad you enjoyed them and hope you like the last one and it doesn’t make you sad. It is meant to be hopeful. Enjoy your family Christmas and I hope Paul’s all the better for being there for a while. Mx


  4. Yet again you take me there, with young Tom… I feel the frost…”frost as a winged creature, leaping from air to ground.” And see the fairies in their guise of twinkling jewel-like lights ♡

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  5. ” fires are greedy for wood this time of year” – an image involving so many senses. Readers can identify.
    Emerald eyes and silence – love the character

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