Three Winters’ Tales, of Darkness and Light

Part 1: A Time Before Time

Three Winter Tales of Darkness and Light will be available in a booklet illustrated by the wonderful Siân Bailey from Cosi & Veyn in autumn 2020:

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14 Responses to Three Winters’ Tales, of Darkness and Light

  1. Liz ferguson says:

    Beautiful so poetic .
    Feel it would be even better spoken !

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  2. Thel says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story!

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  3. A wonderful evocative piece! Looking forward to the next instalments.

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  4. Ardys says:

    Gorgeous, timeless and etherial images Mary. Beautifully conceived and written.

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  5. Miz B says:

    What a lovely tribute to the winter solstice! I love the image of the light catchers, capturing hope from the dark above. Beautiful!

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  6. I felt as though I wandered with the forest folk, as…”And while they sing, they hang the forest’s darkling heart with their sparkling treasure.”

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  7. Great word choices. Created a solid feeling – magical world. I like that last line.

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