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On loneliness and ear-worms

Where do ear-worms live, do you suppose? An ear-worm farm? Fed on the wasted energy of YouTubers? Wherever it came from, it’s been about about three weeks since a big, fat, Gilbert O’Sullivan ear worm crawled into my internal sound … Continue reading

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Seagulls’ wings, the Snow Queen and a musical time machine

High wind. The seagulls riding it like rodeo stars, their wings ‘like parentheses drawn in the sky’. I’m hearing a song in my head. ‘Listen to the oh-shun, echoes of a million seashells …’ I’m back, for an instant, in … Continue reading

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Will you still love me tomorrow?

Songwriter Gerry Goffin died. A woman I know tweeted, ‘he wrote with the heart and head of a girl’. Didn’t he just. I don’t need to hear this song. The Carole King version. It’s in my head for all time. … Continue reading

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In paradisum

It’s the long hot summer of 1976. June. Finals are over, at last. I wave a temporary farewell to my friend Ros. She’s looking forward to the autumn, a postgraduate course in Cambridge. To holidaying in France with her brother. … Continue reading

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Two dog night, no dog morning

Saturday. Under clear blue skies we set sail for Manchester.  (I lie. We drive.) The hotel’s grand. Victoriana at its best. Come six o-clock we head out, past the old town hall, accessorised for fun with helter-skelter, big wheel and … Continue reading

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And the bandoneon played on

Have you ever heard of the bandoneon? It’s an instrument that messes with your head, a kind of accordion, a lethal mental weapon for the emotionally inclined. …I’m standing at the bar. The bartender’s giving me that look and polishing … Continue reading

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