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Romantic ruins and inner visions

I’m elitist and snobby. Unadventurous. Uncultured. And worse. They’re just a few of the things I’ve been accused of being. No, not by trolls, nor disgruntled readers. This is some of my friends I’m talking about. Why? Because I’ve not … Continue reading

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A phantom ship and a barbed wire fence

Eighteen years old. Standing at the window of my room in college. Staring out towards a low brick wall supporting a fence topped with barbed wire. Beyond it, the healthy green of a sports field. Above the barbed wire, the … Continue reading

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No roses. But, ‘I’m ok and everything is going smoothly’

I just looked in the mirror.  A mistake. I’ve not been up long – given it’s lunchtime. I slept really late. Later than at any time in the last 35 years or so, I reckon. And now I look as … Continue reading

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