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She’s proud of her delicate feet, her fine ankles and shapely, slender calves, bare below her petticoat.   The red shoes are her favourites. She wears them for luck, to charm the eye of – whomever.   The journey was … Continue reading

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The other end of the First World War. ‘Tipperary mbali sana, sana’

Imagine a human chain of sixteen and a half thousand people, mostly barefoot and carrying heavy burdens – sixty pounds, twenty seven kilos – on their heads. Some pulling carts. Walking up to fifteen miles a day under the searing … Continue reading

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Bush fires, long spoons and lightning

The old Coca Cola chiller was a solid red beast of a thing. No see-through door on the side –  no door at all – just a lid on the top. It hadn’t worked for years, what with it being … Continue reading

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Dogs, logs – and more important things

It was a two walk weekend, after a week of only one. And that one was to the shops. With a brief diversion into the cemetery. Those angels. They need watching over. Something about having strangers working in the house … Continue reading

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Slacks, golf – and George

When, in 2004, we moved up north to Liverpool, we bought a house in complete ignorance of the district’s main attraction: ten minutes’ walk from our front door was a long, sandy beach. I knew the land came to an … Continue reading

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Watch your language!

My last post was so unsuccessful I’ve decided to post another picture. Enjoy this: Over and out. I have work to do. 🙂

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Chocolate, a castle, a cake fit for a princess – and Moomins

Chocolate I haven’t been eating for some time. And I really don’t miss it. Castles are just an occasional treat – well, I do love a good ruin. And though I rarely have cake, the mere sight of a good … Continue reading

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