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The Duke and I, on being human

Corporate grit. That’s how I think of the myriad little things that used to irritate me when I worked in corporate world. One of those bits of grit was the term, ‘human resources’.  And in that I had an unlikely … Continue reading

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Naked bathers, stone tools, the eleventh tuna sandwich and the last straw

Rising with the sun I slide out of our tent feet first, past the sailcloth ‘Ratbags’ containing all our (present) worldly goods. At the far end of the campsite stand three women, calling at us. They lapse into silence and … Continue reading

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Subterranean indigestion?

Rotten eggs, a smell I can put a name to, though I don’t think I’ve ever come across the real deal. A rotten egg, I mean. But now I’m standing in the full glare of the tropical sun, wilting, weary … Continue reading

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