Coming soon

It’s been a while. But there’s something in the air. An email from my friend the huntress, asking if I’m going to Zambia this year.

Who knows?

But in my head – now there’s a different matter.

Time for a journey. I’m stepping back to 2006, journeying to a natural wonder and archaeological site that might, one day soon, be a World Heritage site.

Kalambo Falls here we come.

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2 Responses to Coming soon

  1. John Kemp says:

    Dear Mary, I suspect many of us have feelings of guilt about things we took for granted in relation to our parents when we were younger, impositions we unthinkingly made and things we didn’t understand, and when we realise it it’s too late to make amends.
    I wondered where Schiphol was a stage towards. The almost legendary Kalambo Falls! Wow! I itch with impatience.


    • Hello John, hope you are well. And thank you, sincerely, for your kind words. I had a feeling you might be interested in this next Africa themed series – I suspect this one might take quite a few posts to complete as it was quite a trip. There may not be as much archaeological information as you might want but I will make sure to sprinkle in a few pictures that you will – I hope – enjoy. Including the Kasama rock art which is extensive but little known outside a few experts outside Zambia. And even inside Zambia. It’s possible he will go back to Kalambo this year, though, given chances of getting grant-funding are now below 12% and one reviewer really disliked one of the team he has put together … but fingers crossed.


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