Well met, stranger

not so close encounters of the human kind

Just a note to tell you I’ve set up another blog site with the aim of focusing entirely on other people – people I’ve met, for one reason or another, for the first – and possibly only – time. Three posts so far, three very different people. One sad, but still inspiring. This is probably the last you’ll see of it on this blog which will continue to be as random and undisciplined as ever. Probably.

NB Overambitious of me! This extra blog site has proved too difficult to keep running now I also have Maid in Britain and Memoirs of a Husk so I have moved the content to a page: click here. I will add any new ones to that space.

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  1. Judy Barnes says:

    Just love it/them.Such wonderful observations of humankind;I find myself wanting to interject with similar experiences or feelings,but it’s more rewarding to go on reading.Why aren’t you script writing and playwriting and Being More Out There?Thank you Mary.


    • Thanks Judy. I wish. Feeling a bit hopeless about it at the moment if truth be known. Ho hum, onwards and upwards! And please do respond with your experiences if you feel like it.I love to read other people’s experiences and views too. Mx


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