Just so you know, a few recent posts are going missing

MANY, many thanks to those of you who read and made such kind comments on my 2016 Christmas story, A Tale of Old Mistress Winter.

I do indeed, as some of you suggested, hope to publish it ‘properly’ in some shape or form. With that in mind, and after our Christmas ends on 6 January 2017 (we celebrate from 24th December-6th January) I will be removing the text of the three parts of the story from the titles… I’m leaving the links, titles and comments in place because (a) I may put the story back if I’m not successful (b) your comments meant so much to me I want to keep them and treasure them!

If you want to keep a copy for yourself – just print it out or cut and paste. As I’m sure you understand, since the story found its way to earth through my head I get to keep the copyright in the absence of the muse herself – who’s not physically present on this plane of existence. (I know, that didn’t really need saying – but just in case…)

Oh – and IF you happen to be a major publisher looking for a Christmas story for next year…

One can but dream 😉

Finally – a very happy 2017 to you all!



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5 Responses to Just so you know, a few recent posts are going missing

  1. hmunro says:

    Alas, I’m not a major publisher (or even a minor one) so I’m not in a position to help your work get further out into the world. But I hope a hearty “Way to go!” will be welcome too. And all my best to you in the year ahead!


  2. Thank you SO much for the heads up. We also are in the throes of the festive season… in the form of house guests who are leaving today but with more possibly imminent tomorrow or the next day… we need to be flexible of course so they can grace us with their presence if/when convenient!
    As it’s early in house guest terms -8 am, I’m in bed, hiding, before anyone is up and have copied & saved the story, adding it to the backlog of reading material that rather than being daunting in size offers the promise of a vast pillowy refuge when I can make time to enjoy it properly.
    Wishing you & L love & light for 2017 ♡


    • Oh boy, house pests!!! Hope they give you some respite soon (if you want it that is) and look forward to hearing more of your dalelee life as it pans out in 2017. A happy and a healthy (knees especially) year to you both x


  3. Brilliant Mary! I hope you have success.
    All Best Wishes for the New Year and hope to see you at Jelly next week.


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