A very few words, on tiny wings

Faeries are abroad.

While the sun shines they dance, a skittish double-helix dance. And blossom bursts forth, like foam upon a crashing sea.

There, that’s the limit of my poesy today!

I’ve surprised a butterfly at rest. Captured its image – but not its essence. That I leave to greater powers than mine.

What kind of butterfly you wonder?

A thing of rare enchantment. Or so my book would have it.

I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

The pirouetting pair performing in my garden are called Speckled Woods. They:

“feed mainly out of sight, drinking honeydew on treetops…

They are usually seen in ones or twos, especially the male which occupies a beam of light in which he perches, basks and indulges in dancing fluttery flights. He leaves only to ward off other males or to chase females, then returns to his original sunbeam…’

Jeremy Thomas, Guide to Butterflies of Britain & Ireland

Happy Sunbeam – or Sunday – everyone. Your choice – perhaps dependent on the weather.

That’s it for today. My inner angst can steam a little longer when there are butterflies outside fluttering. And blossom, a-blooming.

Perennial wallflower setting off the white broom, bursting with vigour in the spring sunshine


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14 Responses to A very few words, on tiny wings

  1. Thel says:

    Happy beautiful morning to you!

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    • Thank you Thel, another one today. With ‘the boy’ away I am, for a few days, untrammeled by considerations of what to cook for dinner tonight when he returns from his commute and able mentally to immerse myself fully in the sea of fine cold weather – glad it’s only a few days though and the sun may not stay out long, according to the weatherman – but does he really know which way the wind blows? 😉 Lou


  2. What a life, perched in sunbeams… one we could sensibly spend more time emulating, I think. Like a cat I often move between sunny & warm spots around the house & garden. It is now Monday here, so happy Monday to you ♡ as coffee in hand I now move from my warm spot in bed to a sunny spot on the verandah.
    I love the perennial wallflower, we have a newly planted, similar in appearance Gaura butterfly bush in our front garden.

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    • Isn’t it an enviable life? Short but beautiful.
      You manage in those few feline words to give me a complete picture of yourself – and it replicates what I do too – moving from sunny spot to sunny spot.
      I bought a Gaura once form a local flower show and it did enough for a year, then a little, then vanished. I don’t think our microclimate was right for it, but it is a pretty thing.
      Thanks for popping by amid your busily relaxed life!


  3. Lovely! It prolonged my ‘joys of spring’ moment!

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  4. Rosemary Reader and Writer says:

    I love butterflies too. They are so delicate and tiny and complex. Like you, i tend to snap them, usually on my iPhone.

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    • This was taken at some distance on my camera which is merely a point and click Canon Powershot 😉 as I am no good with fiddly ones. I cropped it to find out what the little thing was – it was so restless and I am a poor live observer!

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      • Rosemary Reader and Writer says:

        We have a Canon Powershot too. I think they’re very good. I used to teach digital photography using them. However, I’ve got into the way of using my iPhone as my camera. They take good pictures.

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        • Wow you have so many skills! But you don’t put many photos in your posts, do you? Perhaps it’s too much like ‘work’ for you if you see what I mean! I have always been plagued by slightly shaky hands since childhood and this camera seems to cope better than any I have had so far. I too use my phone a lot – a Microsoft (combines work with pleasure) – Nokia Lumia by another name – and the camera is terrific on landscapes.


  5. jilldennison says:

    Still have that inner angst, do ye? Love the butterflies and your poesy! Hugs, dear friend!

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