Trips off my tongue

I’ll soon be writing up the first of what may be several pieces about our recent trip to Sweden, but, in the meantime, hope you’ll enjoy these appetisers, fresh from my little pink notebook.


1 At Hambergsfisk – a tiny, fabulous fish restaurant in Uppsala


Warm, ozone waves of salty scents waft.

Pearl-fleshed, toothsome lobster, a lascivious comma, curls on the plate

A tiny, white apostrophe of a jug brims with liquid-sunshine butter

Toast, a crisp triangular slash, attempts to fend off greedy fingers from the plump claw beneath –

but fails.

And this,  to a different tempo, so take a little lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser 😉

2 At Hotel Clarion Gillet, Uppsala

Breakfast heaven

Compost-brown bread, a thick, tough-crusted slab, sponge-like innards springy as perfect turf

Slick of oily mustard sauce, speckled with dill, delicate as needles from a fairy-fashioned Christmas tree

And in between, a glistening fold of juicy salmon, early-rosehip pink

With scents of Scandi forest,

birch-bark-fire burning in the distance,

smoke blown in on a soft, salt breeze

Unnecessary extra

A tall jug stands, spout dripping pink, creamy nectar

Shot glasses await its smooth fulfilment

While a bowl of glistening, berries, dark and richly sour, entices.

Into a half measure of sweet, unctuous pinkiness


a sharp dollop of blackly-purple berries.

Two gulps – and it’s gone.

The holiday begins




How’s this for laid back at breakfast time?

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18 Responses to Trips off my tongue

  1. Ricardo says:

    Too decadent for me.

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    • OK so we had the veggie all you can eat buffe (yes, buffe) as well at a student caff.
      I am sure you would prefer a meal from Bastard Burger 🙂 an establishment down the road from our hotel of which I did take a picture! But can’t put the snap in the comment. Check your emails


  2. Liz ferguson says:

    Sounds very gourmet and scrumptious

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  3. I have just looked back to your earlier visit to Uppsala…it might be crazily expensive but looks like money well spent for the sights and the memories.

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    • You’re right – and I was determined not to take loads of pictures of things I’d already snapped but… hopeless! Our little holiday was half the size of the planned but cancelled one and no islands were included, but it was really delightful – perhaps the more so for the short duration. I have a picture just for you, will try and send via email again, look in your spam folder later. 😉


  4. jilldennison says:

    Ahhhh … so it was Sweden this time! So glad you finally got to go, and am eagerly awaiting your further posts and pics!!!

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  5. It sounds so delicious and edible. Beautifully described.

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  6. seer1969 says:

    In the email notification, it said ‘… a tiny, fabulous fish …’ and I thought,’aah, a new species discovered perhaps.’

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  7. MELewis says:

    This is mouth-wateringly written. Sweden is on our list, so will take note. 🙂

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