Today’s swift insight into my world

I walk into the upholsterer’s shop.

A pair of pointy black leather men’s shoes stands, as if the owner disintegrated, like the witch the house fell on in the wizard of Oz.

‘Your shoes?’ I ask the man behind the counter.

‘Oh hell,’ he says, ‘I know whose they are. Hold on.’

Picks up phone.


‘Hi, you just dropped your trousers in my shop.’

I snort and burst out laughing.

He grins but carries on.

‘You left your shoes behind,’ he says to a footballer from a well-known local team.

Well, it brightened up my day.



OK. Break over, back to the grind …

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6 Responses to Today’s swift insight into my world

  1. Liz ferguson says:

    Hoot !

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  2. jilldennison says:

    Love it! Thanks for the laugh! 😀

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  3. Nice one! Now..back to the toil…for you, anyway.

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  4. Captured beautifully. Brightened up my day too!

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