Food, inglorious food

I’m resting my broken wrist (and imagination) for the next few weeks. Well, as much as I can. The recent editing of 99,000 words of fiction down to 88,000, in two weeks, took its toll.

I am also confined to visiting places I can reach on two feet and with the local train since I am not supposed to drive. And new experiences are proving less inspiring. So far.

We still have to eat of course and I’m trying to think of simple things to make that won’t take too long when the Prof, now doubling as cook (or sous chef) whenever onion or other tricky chopping is required, comes home.

[He always shares the cooking at weekends, btw, but it makes sense for me to cook on weekdays]

So, instead of ranting or raving I plan to share the odd picture, or anecdote – and a few recipes.

Here’s the first. Not totally sound environmentally and a little extravagant (the lentils) but in the circumstances please forgive me. Fresh is also workable for all the ingredients if you want to do it all from scratch. I would rather eat before 9 pm I’m afraid…

Quick and easy cheat’s veggie casserole (Serves 2-3)

Make this in a frying pan with lid, or casserole that can be used on the hob.

1 Large-ish red or brown onion

1 Red pepper

Olive oil for frying

1 Pack of veggie sausages (I use Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary)

1 Pouch of ready cooked Puy & green lentils in a tomatoey sauce (eg, Merchant Gourmet brand)

1 Tin of ratatouille (I find the Co-op’s best)

Leftover red wine (yes, it does sometimes happen)

Worcester sauce* or mushroom ketchup

Slice the onion and red pepper and fry while cooking the sausages as per packet instructions in oven.

Add sausages, lentils and ratatouille to onions and peppers. Add about a third of a bottle of leftover red wine and a little mushroom ketchup or Worcester sauce, to taste.

Simmer for about 15/20 minutes or put in a 180 degree oven for a little longer – till you feel it looks thick enough and good enough to eat.


You can make this with meat sausages of course, in which case fry or grill them first.

You can use dried Puy or green lentils in which case boil them first without seasoning (except a bay leaf if you have one)  for 20 minutes or so and when you add them also add a tin of tomatoes and more seasoning.

You can also leave out the red pepper and add  courgette or a chopped fennel bulb if you prefer.


* small rant: it’s called Worcester sauce. The label is just the label. It’s the British way, that’s why. Sigh.

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8 Responses to Food, inglorious food

  1. While Leo has been in a wheelchair I have been both chief cook and bottlewasher…hurrah for shortcuts!
    Take it easy with that wrist.

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  2. seer1969 says:

    [drooling] That sounds like a hearty meal simple enough for me with two hands. Thank you Mary, I’m incapable of any imagination with food, and often just snack. Cooking is about sharing with others.I have all the ingredients except the gourmet ready lentils, but I have three varieties of dried.
    Hope you’re taking your calcium and vitamin D?.
    What’s that about Worcestershire sauce then? 😉

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  3. Ann says:

    Some years ago I had tendonitus in one wrist for six months. Opening tins and lifting pans was nearly impossible, anything that required twisting the wrist was agony so I empathise with you. I forget what I managed to get sorted to eat at the time but it all had to be done with one hand. Lots of other things proved difficult too. Have patience!

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    • Patience isn’t my strong point! But it is being force don me! Three more weeks to go with the pot on. Peter (the seer) suggested using a food processor to chop onion, might try that. Seems I used onion for almost everything. But am today going to use dried ones with braising steak like my mother used to do.


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