Teamwork, followers? A ‘doing good things’ idea

Hello everyone.

A very short post today with one question about this charitable scheme which helps entrepreneurs in ‘developing’ countries and only requires small, returnable donations to work:

would you be interested in joining a team if I set one up?

Thanks to Jill Dennison, of Filosofa’s Word, for stimulating me into action with her ‘Good People Doing Good Things posts.

I bet this Zambian woman selling their famous metre wide mushrooms would have an entrepreneurial idea

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12 Responses to Teamwork, followers? A ‘doing good things’ idea

  1. jilldennison says:

    First off, MANY THANKS for the mention and the link to my post! Second, if you set up such a team, definitely count me in! I haven’t a lot of money, but will do what I can, and am glad to shine a light on your good works in any way I can! As we say over on this side of the pond, “You Da Woman!”
    Hugs, my dear friend.

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  2. We do this here informally. So far we have funded a sewing business and a welding business. Both are paying back on time. It is not that much money…but when you think that borrowing from a bank involves paying 25% interest and mortgaging all you have to obtain the loan then ‘free’ money makes a lot of difference.

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    • I had a feeling you might already be doing something!
      I think for me the great attraction of this from the donor’s perspective is that a VERY small amount can add up and then be re-used again and again. If not enough people want to sign up for a blogteam there are other people’s teams I can join – it was just a thought and I’m sure most of my lovely followers are already committed to various good causes. I’m smiling typing that – because I believe it. Now I’m beaming.

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  3. This is being done locally here, too. So rewarding to see people grow as a person as they build a business.

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