Words for sale

No easy way to do this, sorry.

I hate selling. But it’s ready now. The new website via which you can buy my re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, The Little Match Girl.

Sparingly re-titled as, A Little Match Girl, by me.

It’s been lovingly typeset on historic equipment and printed by hand (see this post on my other, nerdy blogging site for more detail).

It’s short, that’s why it’s listed under Short Reads (there’s only one so you won’t get confused).

The Long Read (you guessed, there’s only one) is my Zambia-based crime fiction novel, A Wake of Vultures, which some of you have already bought and/or read, thank you. It’s available on Amazon for Kindle (link on the website) but the paperback comes complete with a tiny ‘chitenge’ bookmark until I run out of Zambian fabric. But since they are so small I doubt I will. Run out.

A Wake of Vultures was published in 2012, so not exactly hot off the presses and I have to be honest, I failed abysmally at the self-marketing thing that is so essential.


The British High Commissioner for Zambia recently read and enjoyed it (I hope he won’t mind me saying) and just this week had an animated conversation with the prof (who’s nearing the end of his field season, see his latest blog post here) about one of the characters (my favourite, I’m not telling who, but it’s male).


Here’s the link, please take a look:



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7 Responses to Words for sale

  1. Thel says:

    Hi Mary, congratulations on your new website! I see a couple of problems. On my ipad and iphone the golden brown background with the Chimneys and Vultures sentences are cut off on the sides. Also when I go to the website using my desktop, the golden background image is missing. (our desktop computer is elderly!) And when I’m checking out I can’t click off the Nochex button in order to use a credit card.

    I’m ready to order!! Wishing you success!!
    Will you sign my copy the next time we meet?


    • Hello, the sentences are meant to be partial, part of the design… Honest! But will check on the settings as it sounds like they might be over-cropped It’s a WordPress site so should really be fine. Ho hum. No idea why the golden background doesn’t appear on your desktop, it’s fine on mine (though it’s not elderly πŸ˜€). As for the payment button, it is a bit odd but you just click on t&c acceptance and on the grey Nochex box (not the credit card icons) and it takes you through to credit card payment. I will check and see if it can be made more user friendly, thanks for pointing it out 😊 And if you want them signed just put it in the notes – when you make it through to order that is …. 😊

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  2. Larry Barham says:

    As for that character in Wake of Vultures, let’s just say he’s a lovable rogue. When the chips are down he comes through …. The High Commissioner is waiting for the next installment of Prof Lamb’s adventures, along with the rest of her fan club. πŸ™‚

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  3. Well done for promoting the culture of proper hold in your hand printed books. A special Christmas gift, I think.
    I’m with the High Commisioner, looking forward to the next instalment of A Wake of Vultures 😊

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    • Thanks Dale! I remember your review with a smile 😁I do have another one almost finished but the whole process was so dispiriting I put it away… May be time to resurrect it.
      Yes, Molly would make a nice winter festival gift (I was never allowed to use the Ch word until after bonfire night, 5 November). I have sold several this week – never going to make my fortune but good to know they are out there 😊and I hope people are enjoying them. Had one second purchase from a happy customer so that was reassuring πŸ™‚. Will remind everyone nearer to Ch!!!


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