Guest Blog Post

Dear fellow bloggers and readers, I have never reblogged a post before – but as America heads to the mid-terms and we spiral towards Brexit, this one struck me as topical, thought provoking – and erudite. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. The brief statement below is from Hugh, who had posted on the topic of ‘ressentiment’ and invited a follow-up guest post from Jerry Stark. Please do follow the link, it is well worth a read for anyone who is confused about the current state of world politics.

“The following comment by Jerry Stark expanded and improved upon my attempt to explain the notion of ressentment. It is extremely well done and helps us understand the mind-set of those who follow our sitting president and worship at his shrine. I post it here with Jerry’s permission. The concept of ressentiment is intriguing, especially when applied […]

via Guest Blog Post — hughcurtler

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