A change of seasonal plan


What a difference a day makes.

The last twenty four little hours have seen me race to the top of Creative Peak. Happy and dancing, like Maria in the Sound of Music. Without the voice.

Then a gust from a passing gale blew me right down the chasm of Thoughtless Comment. So it’s been a restless night.

But today I’m climbing the gentle slope of Well, What If?

I had planned to start publishing the first of my seasonal tales this week, having written parts one and two so far to huge critical acclaim (translated: the prof liked them).

But several disruptors joined forces to make me rethink.


Instead of a quartet of magical imaginings, I’m going to feature some pen portraits. Observations of people seen in these wintry, northern hemisphere days, on our local commuter train.

Obviously not our local commuter train. But I love this picture of innocence and happiness – what could be more cheering than childish joy in this fog of world wide gloom?

And I will add some links to charities that could benefit from our generosity at this over-commercialised, over-expectant, over-hyped time of year. Though – but no, dammit, I’ll be optimistic.

After all, I’ve just reached that point in my climb up Well What If? that’s called, You Never Know.

Irrelevant photo. But I like it


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16 Responses to A change of seasonal plan

  1. Thel says:

    My nighttime boogiemen fade way in the morning light and I feel stupid for letting them get to me.

    I’m looking forward to your new tales! Write on!

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  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    Love the irrelevant photo, although given the frost it only qualifies as borderline irrelevant. Sorry, I’m a purist about irrelevance. Beautiful photo, though.

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  3. Love the red train – ready to hop aboard with them
    As well as treasuring the image of Nature’s elegant jewelry ( how smart she is to have frost be so delicate and only alive outside – keeps human mitts off – enjoy without touching children.)

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  4. Heide says:

    BOOO to thoughtless comments! I’m so sorry about whatever caused you to rethink your seasonal tales — which I was very much looking forward to. But YAY to you for redirecting your creative energies in such an optimistic and generous way. Love the irrelevant photo, too! xx

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  5. I enjoy your stories but I also enjoy pen portraits. As for thoughtless comments… what’s one person’s projective opinion worth? Who’s to say but mostly I would give them the time of day.
    P.S. As of today I’m on holidays… yay… with some catch up blog reading to do 🙉 🙈

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  6. Rosemary Reader and Writer says:

    What a wonderful evocative pen portrait! On my blog I was writing about writing body language and you’ve done it brilliantly. Better than the examples I’ve mentioned.
    Was it a Polish train you were discribing or a local one?

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