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Soundscapes [The Great Escape, days 3 &4]

Tired legs. A little light rain. Wimbledon on the BBC. Day three becomes a day of rest. I’m finding something deep and reassuring in Haworth on this visit. As if the town is built on a well of feelings. And … Continue reading

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Worn. [The Great Escape, day 1]

A sunny Sunday in Haworth. No traffic. No urban buzz. Just gentle tourists bumbling around, collecting pollen (in cake form) from the cafes and the bakery. Some, wearing Joni Mitchell’s ‘passport smiles’, hail from foreign countries. They’ve done the Parsonage … Continue reading

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Splutter!!! You belonged to WHAT club?

Do you remember learning to swim? I do. The swimming baths were in Thornton (where the Brontes were born), on the outskirts of Bradford, in Yorkshire. Victorian, smallish, they’re probably knocked down now, or derelict. Little, swing-door changing rooms ran … Continue reading

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