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Moon over the meanygates

Dark clods of earth, like sticky remnants of Christmas pudding,* form ragged ridges over deep, ice-filled ruts. What once were puddles, ruffled by angry winds, now double as skating rinks – for voles and weasels, mice and stoats. A wintry, … Continue reading

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Sax and the city*

A bottle crashes to the ground in an alleyway off the main street. Jewel-green splinters frame the edge of a dark puddle, iridescent with oil in the dull glow of the street light. Somewhere a tyre squeals, a youth shouts … Continue reading

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Above us, only sky?

I’m sitting at my desk. Tears are close to the surface. I’m having trouble identifying keys that aren’t in the direct glow of the screen. I keep pressing ‘insert’ instead of ‘delete’ and my words start vanishing as I type, … Continue reading

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