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Flying down to Rio Part III. A Beetle, Jesus and crabs

By the sink in my bathroom sits a small paper bag containing pills. Lomotil, they’re called.  A gift from an American colleague’s wife. Thanks to them, I no longer need to visit the bathroom several times a night, every night. … Continue reading

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Flying down to, Rio Part II (the bit with the purple feet)

Beautiful. That’s Rio. Well, the public face. If you ignore the favellas. Which it’s hard to do from our hotel unless you wear earplugs. Then you wouldn’t hear the dogs howling or the shots at night. But the mountains are … Continue reading

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Flying down to Rio

It’s late April, 1980 BE.*                                                                                                            *Before Email I’m in an office in London, not far from the Houses of Parliament. Listening for the stutter of an incoming telex. Sending a telex is quite a skill, especially correcting mistakes. And I’m … Continue reading

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