More of that small press; a new archaeologically-themed site; husking

If  you would like to see a few more pictures and a video you have to turn sideways to watch, oops!  😉  of the small press I visited and wrote about in Dylan, dogs and the devil it is now online on my other blogging site Maid in Britain

And if you would like to keep track of what archaeoman is up to in Zambia, he has a new blog site here and has just started the first season of his new project. A new (second) post is awaiting upload right now – they will be intermittent as the place he is staying (Fawlty Towers!) has limited wi-fi.

Yes, I’ve been reduced to husk status again. Don’t worry, that was said with a wink. I wasn’t willing to shell out £1400 on airfare alone, so, as you may see, if I have time to blog it (another wink) I am doing my own thing here in England while he is away.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s overcast-sky outing to Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve near former port and industrial hub, Preston… Oh, it’s grim up north (knowing smile).

See the duck and ducklings? Close up next picture

Beautiful cornflowers and a poppy in the corner there brightened up a very dull cloudy day

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6 Responses to More of that small press; a new archaeologically-themed site; husking

  1. The fort archaeoman left you holding looks not all bad… There might be a few distractions to keep you amused. You’re already keeping good company -it’s ducky- in beautiful places ☺

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  2. Rosemary Reader and Writer says:

    Love your photos, even though I did – initially – think your one of the lake was upside down! Will also look at Maid in Britain. As you say, it’s grim up north! I was in Newcastle over the weekend.

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  3. John Kemp says:

    A bit late, but perhaps not too late. Your photos convey the peacefulness of such places. Are the ponds artificial, behind dams or just in wet places? I like the coot, very, close-up too – it IS a coot isn’t it? At first I thought can it be a Purple Gallinule?, but looked up the book and it doesn’t seem to be.

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    • Hello John, it’s a lovely spot – one of 3 I have come to love within a 30 mile radius. It is the result of clay extraction for bricks – hence the name ‘Brickcroft’ and they are now filled with water and looked after by Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Yes, there are moorhens galore and also coots which have the white flash on their heads.


  4. John Kemp says:

    P.S. No, no, not Coot – Moorhen.

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